Best of Show: Andrew Baker (Beverly Hills, MI)
2nd Place: B.J. Zolp (Verona, WI)
3rd Place: Brian Pugh (Traverse City, MI)

Category Places:
Lager: Daniel Kukuk
Lights/Pales/Milds/Easy Drinkers: Daniel Kukuk
IPA: B.J. Zolp
Belgians: Keith Carrier
Porters/Stouts/Darks: Michael Schepflin
Fruit/Sour: Andrew Baker




Competition Rules:

  1. All beers judged using 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. Brewer may brew any style, but must indicate which style they are entering the beer for judging.
  2. All entries require $7 entry fee, payable by check or cash. (online payment available soon).
  3. Entries must be submitted no later than April 10th to be considered.
  4. Entries must be in 2 12oz unmarked longneck bottles and not to have any identifying marks.
  5. Official BJCP Bottle ID Form should be included for each bottle and wrapped with a rubber band. Please do not tape the forms to the bottle.
  6. All winning entries in category will advance to the “Best Of Show” judging.
  7. Prizes  TBD.  *


We know you have a few Irish beers lying around! We challenge you to send them in for our Crazy Irish Beers bonus contest! No entry fee needed, and beers will be judged by the Northern Michigan Homebrewers Guild.  RULES ARE:

  1. Make them Irish
  2. Crazy brews count!
  3. Only 1 bottle required, (but send more if you want us to get drunk)
  4. Include a BJCP Bottle ID Form on the bottle and indicate Crazy Irish for the style.
  5. You may enter both contests with the same beer. You will need to send in an entry with fee following the rules for the general contest.
  6. Winner will get a prize TBD.
  7. This is totally for FUN and Bragging Rights!!!!!



To enter, attach a BJCP Entry Form to each of 2 12oz bottles of your best beer (1 for the Crazy Irish) and drop them off or FEDEX/UPS them to:

UBrew NanoBrewery and Homebrew Supply
3054 Cass Rd. Suite F
Traverse City, MI  49684

All Entries must be recieved no later than April 10th.